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 When I was a child, the best place to get food outside of home was at the



To me…

MARKET FOOD  is a comfort food and yet is grand.

MARKET FOOD  is pinnacle of creativity and, at the same time,                        tradition is well preserved.

MARKET FOOD  is the genesis of all gourmet cuisines.

MARKET  is equally exotic and simple.

MARKET  is the soul of a community.

Most of all…a MARKET is an essence of life.



I am deeply inspired to bring my childhood memory alive and to share it with Seattle diners.

I want to create a place where livelihood and soul of Thai food go hand in hand.



Bangrak…Land of Love

Bangrak Market is one of the most popular markets in Bangkok.

Almost no need to mention the good food, just the name already flashes your smile and cheers you up, right?

Bangrak Market  is home to fine central Thai Cuisine


2319 2nd Ave Seattle WA 98121



Tel. 206.735.7352